7 Klase


The story of the 7 Klase was written on the 7th  of July 2017, a number that currently defines them as a band. For them, the number seven, with much significance in numerology, translates itself in 7 musical notes that they mix up as they please during the 7 days of the week; They are inspired by the 7 colors of the rainbow and appreciate the 7 wonders of the world, being guided by the 7 years of home education.

With classical instruments and a tango piece, the five boys from Chisinau made the crowd go crazy at the Romanians Got Talent and reached the semifinals. They impressed both the jury and Smiley, who immediately wished to start collaborating with them, thus taking them under his wing.

On 8th of October 2018, 7 Klase released the studio version “Fata urbana” backed up by HaHaHa Production.

The members of the group are: Victor and Vlad (accordionists), Igor (percussion), Valentin (contrabassoon) and Catalin (vocal).

They all study music in Chisinau and dream of becoming the best-known boy band in the country. They stand out not only because the band has a pair of twin brothers that play the accordion, but also by the fact that in a digital era, they sing at a big wooden bass, drums and cajon.

In 2019, they released “Fata care nu ma lasa” and “Plec din Chisinau”.