DOC started his career as a rapper in 1997 when, together with Nwanda and Deliric, he put together the group “Trilogy.” Later on, they added IIZece to the team and the group became E.L.I.T.A., short for Enunț Literalmente Imperceptibil Tacticienilor Anti-metaforă. He stayed with this group until 1999, at which point he formed the group CTC (Controlul Tehnic de Calitate) with Deliric and Vlad Dobrescu, and also established Facem Records, the first independent hip-hop label in Romania.  

After numerous compilations, mixtapes and collaborations with hip-hop artists like Da Hood and RACLA, CTC released their first album in 2005, “Dificultăți tehnice,” or “Technical Difficulties.”  

Alongside his work with CTC, DOC also chose to pursue a solo career and in 2010 released his first album, “Scăpat de sub control” (Out Of Control) featuring a total of 22 tracks where he collaborated with CTC, Cedry2k, Maximilian, Guess Who, Mike Diamondz, Bitza, and others. A year later, in October 2011, he released his second solo album, “Lucrare de control” or “Test Paper.”  

Since beginning his work with the HaHaHa Production team, DOC has released a number of singles and additions to his solo work, including the single “Lasa-ma-mi-place” with Raluka and Speak, “Bula mea”  featuring Motzu, Vlad Dobrescu, and Deliric, and in 2015 the singles “Baiatul bun, baiatul rau,” featuring Motzu, Ana-Marie Alexie, and Vlad Munteanu, as well as “Ochii sus,” one of the 31 productions released by HaHaHa Production during #maimusic.  

Also in 2015 DOC released his third solo album, “DOC & Motzu in HD,” a special 18-track rap collaboration. The moment was marked by the launch of the single ”Pierdut buletin,” featuring Smiley, which served as a fitting track to represent the entire album. Later in 2016, besides his projects with CTC, DOC featured on the track “Telefoanele, Actele, Cashu,” with fellow HaHaHa rap artist Cabron.  

DOC‘s most recent solo album, “Eu,” is a 16 track album released in 2018 featuring artists such as Guess Who, Grasu XXL, Deliric, Vlad Dobrescu, and others.