Dominique is the youngest HaHaHa Poduction artist. At just 19, Dominique wants a career in music and cannot imagine her life without the mirage of music. She started singing at age 13, her talents being discovered by her parents as she gave “concerts” in the car. She played everything she could sing, listened to a lot of music, and easily started to figure out her dream. She flew straight from the singing classes, incidentally, on a stage in Bulgaria with a band with a vast experience. There she performed her first concert in front of 1,000 people. It was the moment when she decided that music was her way.

At the age of 14 she released her first song, “My Hero,” and had already decided to dedicate herself to music as she participated in classical and jazz singing and studied the piano at Dinu Lipatti High School.

She is a sensitive but energetic and ambitious woman who pursues her dreams with stubbornness. She is inspired by the piano, love, nature, and devoted people, and admires Beyonce`s perfectionism, the perfect technique and style of Tori Kelly, as well as Rihanna`s attitude and voice and the playful personality of Ariana Grande.

While admiring Beyonce, Dominique wish to remain the same even when she grows up: “I’d like to be like me. I created a character in my mind that I am very fond of. Like I want to be, but with other experiences. ”

Dominique has already released several singles so far: “Maya”, “Bun de nimic”, “Razbunatoare” and “Ora 3”.