Jazzy Jo



Artist, songwriter, vocal coach with a great passion for music: this is Jazzy Jo in a few words. She has an extraordinary voice, a perfect combination of mainstream sounds and Broadway talent. 

Jazzy Jo is an artist who reinvented pop music, bringing a unique combination of jazz, swing, R’n’B and funk influences. She says that she was born with music in her blood, and made her artistic debut on the second season of the show “Scoala Vedetelor” and was also among the finalists of the show “Megastar.” Shortly after joining the HaHaHa Production team, she collaborated with Cabron and Pacha Man for the song “Arata-le la toti.” 

In 2013 Jazzy Jo released her first single with HaHaHa Production, “Mi-ai intrat in cap,” a collaboration with Dorian, which was also the first music video uploaded on YouTube.ro. She followed this track with her second single, a jazz piece titled “A night in Bucharest.”  In the video she leads us through a romantic Bucharest, vibrating in the rhythm of its people, a festive city that conquers through a rich mix of energy and color. The launch of the track was a first for HaHaHa Production, and a novelty for the Romanian mainstream music scene. 

Jazzy Jo continued to release energetic and entertaining singles such as “Cuba” and “Taci un pic” in 2014, the latter a well-received hit featuring Cabron. She took her work to new heights in 2015 with HaHaHa Production’s #maimusic campaign, where she released two English tracks, “Maea” and “Amor, Amor,” and participated in two collaborations: “Work,” with Dorian, and “My Present For You,” a beautiful ballad featuring Smiley for which she wrote both the music and lyrics. The duet was also featured on the soundtrack of the film Love is a Story, directed by Cristina Iacob. 

Jazzy Jo‘s latest single, “Îmi caut bărbatul,” was released in 2017, and she describes the track as the “most honest and straightforward song of mine, a song about the love of my life, about my awakening to reality and about the acceptance of wishes long denied.”