Seredinschi is studying Nanotechnology at Polytechnic University in Bucharest, but beyond his passion for engineering he holds the same passion for music as well. It is a passion that was passed from father to son and which he had the courage and the chance to carry on. He started playing at singing as a child, curious to see if he could sing as well as the artists he listened to at the time. Over time, music has become a way of expressing inner feelings and helping him through difficult moments, and therefore he now wants to reach as many people as possible and make them happy with the gift he has.

He participated in season 6 of The Voice of Romania, on Smiley’s team, and reached the stage of live performances. Immediately after the show he began working on his personal project, alongside Smiley and HaHaHa Production.

He does not necessarily consider singing as his best quality, but rather the fact that he likes to compose and produce both for himself and for other artists. Although most of his songs are pop, he believes that an artist should not be limited by a musical style, because essentially everything is a game. We need to think freely and creatively.

Seredinschi`s musical style is influenced by artists he appreciates and is inspired by, such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd, with whom he would love to collaborate one day. He imagines himself in a few years in concert at the Grammy Awards and is working to be ready to take on this role at any time.