Andrei Tiberiu Maria (born on 27th of July, 1983, in Pitești, Arges), better known by his stage name Smiley, is at the moment one of the most successful performers, composers, music producers and TV personalities in Romania. He is highly appreciated due to his originality, his great passion for music, and his unmistakable smile.


After five top-selling albums with SIMPLU, the band with whom he gained the public’s attention and appreciation, the artist decided to embark on a solo career.

He has released four solo albums to date: “In lipsa mea” (2008), “Plec pe Marte” (2010),”Acasă” (2013) and „Confesiune” (2017). All of the promoted singles gained massive appreciation from the fans and became number one hits.

In lipsa mea:

  • „In lipsa mea” (2008)
  • „Precupat cu gura ta” (2009)
  • „Am bani de dat” (2009)
  • „Designed to love you” (2009)

Plec pe Marte :

  • “Plec pe Marte” (2010) -> No.1 for 20 weeks in Romania, according to Nielsen.
  • “Love is for free” (2010) -> No.1 in Romania for 14 consecutive weeks, according to Nielsen.
  • “Dream girl” (2011) -> No. 1 in Romania for 15 consecutive weeks, according to Media Forest.


  • „Dead man walking” (2012) -> world premiere, Smiley becoming also the first artist in the world who used elements of Augmented Reality in a music video
  •  „Criminal” (2013)
  • “Acasa” (2013) -> the song that gives the album name and one of the artist’s most popular singles in 2014
  •  “Nemuritori” (2014) -> included on the soundtrack of the movie #SELFIE
  •  “I wish” (2014) -> a romantic and emotional song, released in December 2014
  • “Insomnii” (2016) -> an atypical, but extremely beautiful song

Other singles:

  • “Oarecare” (2015) -> The hit of summer of 2015, according to Mediaforest
  • “Pierdut buletin” (2015) – DOC & Smiley


  • “Insomnii” (2016)
  • “Indrăgostit (deși n-am vrut) (2016)
  • „De unde vii la ora asta?”(2017)
  • „Ce mă fac cu tine de azi?”(2017)
  • „Vals” (2017)

10 years after his debut as a solo artist,  Smiley released #Smiley10, a multimedia musical confession he feels to share with his public. # Smiley10 will be a marathon of releases, confessions and innovations.

From March to December, on the 10th of each month, Smiley released a new song together with a music video – a unique approach to the music market in Romania. All tracks can be found on his new album, suggestively titled “Confession”. The first release of the year #Smiley10 is “Flori de plastic”, followed by “De unde vii la ora asta?”, “Domnu’ Smiley”, “Să-mi fie vară”, “Rara”, “O altă ea”, “Ce mă fac cu tine de azi”, featuring Guess Who, ”Pierdut printre femei”, “Vals” and “O poveste”.



His musical achievements have brought Smiley numerous national awards, and in 2013, his value as an artist was confirmed at the European level as he was granted “MTV Europe Music Award for Best Romanian Act”.

  • Best Male Artist – Media Music Awards 2015
  • Fastest Climber – Media Music Awards 2015
  • MTV Award – Media Music Awards 2015
  • Coca Cola Award –  Media Music Awards 2015
  • Kiss Award –  Media Music Awards 2015
  • Best Album – Romania Music Awards 2014 – Acasa
  • Best Male – Media Music Awards 2014
  • Best Pop song – Media Music Awards 2014- Acasa
  • Best Romanian Act – MTV Europe Music Award 2013
  • Best Producer – Romanian Music Awards 2012
  • Best Male – Romanian Music Awards 2011
  • Best Pop – Romanian Music Awards 2011
  • Most played song – Romanian Music Awards 2011- Love is for free
  • Best Pop Album – Radio Romania Awards (2011) – Plec pe marte
  • Best Pop song – Radio Romania Awards (2011) – Love is for free
  • Best live- Romanian Music Awards (2010) – Plec pe marte
  • Gold Disc Award for the production of: In lipsa mea – Smiley’s first solo album (2009), Yamasha – Alex Velea’s first album (2006), All five SIMPLU albums (2002 – 2008)


As a musician and producer, Smiley takes pride in staying ahead of the Romanian music market with numerous number one selling projects that outline his efficiency in turning outstanding talent into music and music into productive business.

In 2009, Smiley founded HaHaHa Production, under the concept of joining all the production efforts in one place. He built himself a strong and talented team of artists and producers which he coordinates and manages directly.

Among the most successful projects developed and produced by Smiley are HaHaHa Production artists: Feli, Radio Killer, Sore, Cabron, Jazzy Jo, Silviu Pașca, Dorian, Speak, and other notable musicians.

Smiley had also notable international collaborations, working so far with Ingrid, a famous Italian artist, but also with American rappers Snoop Dogg and Sway.