HaHaHa Production aims to be the first contact between a smile sent and a smile received. The result is the formation of one common sense of creativity, in which producers and artists follow the idea and propagate it further on the music stave, from the first note played by the instrument to the last one released by the vocal cords. Production involves the whole process of music creation: starting with the concept and continuing to recording, mixing, post production, and mastering. All these are applied to a diverse range of music genres: R’n’B, pop, dance, hip hop, electro, and more.

Using this approach, each artist can emphasize their own individuality and tell their own story of sound, and once told these stories will remain in history to be enjoyed by generations.

HaHaHa Production has 5 music studios and a team of talented producers (Andrei Maria – Smiley, Florin Boka, Şerban Cazan, Andrei Mihai, Lucian Nagy, Vlad Popescu, Vladimir Coman-Popescu, Alexandru Radu) and expert songwriters (Andrei Maria – Smiley, Cristian Pascu, Feli Donose, Jazzy Jo, Dorian Micu, Vlad Munteanu-DOC, Sore Mihalache, Alex Stancu, Alex Caletean, Ana Maria Stancu).

Since its birth, HaHaHa Production has created hits for the most popular artists in Romania such as Smiley, Alex Velea, Radio Killer, Antonia, Loredana, Sore, Andra, Randi, Mishelle, Corina, Puya, Delia, Feli, and more. Additionally, the HaHaHa team has also produced and co-produced songs for international artists such as: In-Grid, Sway, Snoop Dogg, FloRida, Mario Winans, Kaan, Muneer, Cozi Costi, Francesco Diaz, Junior Caldera, and DJ Smash.

In our studios we also artfully produce movie soundtracks, audio packages for radio stations, and commercial music.