Dorian and Smiley’s invitation to the dance floor

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Dorian makes you leave your inhibitions aside and listen to “Sexual”, his new single featuring Smiley.

” ‘Sexual’ is a song with an experimental unique sound. Combining elements of dub, dance-hall and electronic music, its target is the dance floor. The song is written by Andrei ‘RURD’ Mihai and working on it with Smiley makes this musical experiment a statement with great potential.”, said Dorian.

Dorian feat. Smiley - Sexual

HaHaHa Production celebrates May with music and passion. Dorian’s new single feat. Smiley  is the tenth track released during this musical marathon which started on May 1st . That leaves 21 new songs that you’ll be able to watch on our YouTube channel[]. At the end, all 31 musical productions will be available on the compilation #maimusic.