Smiley releases ”Dream Girl”

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After the big national and international success he had with the single Love is for free, a song licensed through Cat Music at Sony Music, Smiley is now releasing his new music video for Dream girl.

Directed by Barna Nemethi and Vlad Fenesan, the music video was filmed one week ago, at Castel Film and it presents an unfulfilled love story, showing all the effects of disillusion on the main character’s feelings- even in the scenes when the artist should have been doubled by a stunt man.

I didn’t want to be doubled, for several reasons: you can’t transmit a feeling if you don’t perform it as the character, using a stuntman would have limited my relation with the character. On the other hand, it was a challenge I gladly accepted”, said Smiley.

 Dream Girl is the third single from the album “Plec pe Marte” (launched in March, last year) and it is produced by HaHaHa Production.

The song has a very special sound. It’s a warm, personal and bohemian ballad that reaches even less sensitive hearts.