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” ‘10 Minutes’ is a song that I like enormously and that I wanted to sing. It is written by Elena Moroşanu and Costin Bodea, two of the talented people we have at HaHaHa Production.

I’m glad I had to chance to sing along with Feli, one of our newest artists and a person whom I admire and respect. I appreciate Feli as an artist ever since I listened to her at the Voice of Romania, even though it was not on my team.”, confesses Smiley.

“It’s a powerful and an incredibly beautiful song that brings back a flood of memories. I’m excited to sing it with an artist who I love so much.”, says Feli.

HaHaHa Production celebrates May with music and passion. We have already covered 26 days of this musical marathon started on May 1st. You can discover another five new songs on our YouTube channel [] and on At the end, all 31 musical productions will be available on the compilation #maimusic.