Smiley’s new single is CRIMINAL

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HaHaHa Production is pleased to present Smiley’s new single – CRIMINAL – a story about true love that knows no limits:

This song is just like a movie that keeps you in front of the screen in order to see what happens next. The story is simple but beautiful. He finds the girl of his dreams, but he doesn’t dare to confess his love because he feels like he’s losing ground every time she is close to him. I’m sure you’ve experienced that too. <<Criminal>> is a song that describes the vulnerability of those in love, says Smiley.

Produced in the HaHaHa studios, Criminal is a collaboration with one of the most talented Turkey rappers – Kaan, which brings out a fresh approach towards the sound and continues the direction started with Dead man walking. The single will be included on Smiley’s new album, that is going to be released this fall.

Smiley is the first artist in the world that transformed the simple watching of a video in a complex and unique experience, by using elements of Augmented Reality in his Dead man walking video. Dead man walking was licensed in Europe in countries such as Russia, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria,  Albania, Cyprus or Ukraine.

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