World premiere: Smiley`s Augmented Reality Video – Dead man walking

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Smiley and HaHaHa Production are proud to announce the realease of the first video wich goes beyond the conventional: Dead man walking.

Dead man walking is a world premiere, the first video that contains elements of augmented reality. To discover what`s this all about, you need an application specially designed – HaHaHa Reality Application. This application is available for free in Application Store and Google Play and all you have to do, after you’ve downloaded it, is to shoot the graphic marker inside the video with your phone, and the party continues at your place.

The opening event will be a special one and will be held tonight at Hollywood Multiplex Cinema.

Smiley will be the host himself and he will be surrounded by all those involved in making this super-production Dead man walking. Filming lasted no more and no less than 24 hours and it was directed by the Griffon team.

Smiley becomes the first artist in the world that with the help of HaHaHa Reality Application transforms the simple watching of a video in a complex and unique experience.

Dead Man Walking is a HaHaHa Production creation, presented together with Cat Music.

HaHaHa Reality Application was developed in collaboration with ARworks.

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