Alexandru Gheorghe


I am part of the HaHaHa Production team before it even existed. I grew up with most of the people I now work with as we know each other since the times we were dreaming of becoming firefighters, astronauts or Formula 1 pilots. Now we’re still dreaming together, still growing up and still as good friends. Because there has to be someone down to earth, I am sometimes the party crasher. I do here more things than I would ever imagined myself doing, but it’s all for pleasure. And friendship.

Alexandru  Gheorghe is Smiley’s tour manager since 2007, from the beginning of his solo career. He is the man making phone calls, plans, reservations, payments and offers. He coordinates the activities of all parties involved in the production of Smiley’s shows and performances and makes sure everything goes as planned. Alexandru’s experience so far built him as a responsible and trustworthy person. Whatever the question, he’s got the answer.