Serban Cazan


I’ve studied piano for 10 years and canto classic for five years, but I’m sure production has been my path since I first started playing with software. Here at HaHaHa Production I’ve learnt what a real friendship is and what it’s like to be in a very good professional relationship. I enjoy what I do every day, so much that sometimes I get new ideas for songs just by watching the night sky. I compose, I produce, I organize and each day I’m amazed by the talent and inspiration in this team. It’s hard to be always ready to create, but that’s how we are.

A successful vocal producer, Serban Cazan connects the vibes between the artists and the production and makes sure each project gets a good, fresh start. Although he’s the man with the responsibilities and the deadlines, who always starts his work in the morning, Serban also handles creation because good ideas come to him all the time.