Vlad Popescu


I started to take the studio work seriously since 2009 and, in march 2014, I had the lucky chance to become part of the HaHaHa Production family. I discovered here a professional team, with whom I’m always excited to work.

The positive vibe and the permanent opportunities motivate me to create and become better at what I do with every day I spend with them.

For me, being a producer is not actually a job, because I really enjoy what I am doing. I learned that attention to details, perseverance and positive thinking always makes a difference.

Vlad Popescu is one of the newest members of the HaHaHa Production team. Persevering, positive and always paying attention on details, he loves playing with the “beats”, and the HaHaHa studio vibe is a permanent inspiration for him. He works seriously on every project and, most of the times, we can find him working late at night.