The story


In the beginning was the idea. It was beautiful and made ​​us… smile. So HaHaHa Production was born.

Others liked the idea too. So, they smiled and joined us. Now we are a great team, which smiles and creates: we battle in excitement, we fight for the same passion.

Together, we do more than music. Our songs are stories to be told on and on. Stories meant to take us further, because, just like in fairytales, our resources, experience and talent grow in a day more than others in a year. Especially since we only choose projects that smile upon us. We are effervescent and authentic. We like to create, to invent. That is why we always like what we did yesterday and what we will do tomorrow.

HaHaHa Production’s story is written on a complex music stave, always in the same studio and by people who, with a smile upon their faces, continue to knot new musical or personal notes, creating spectacle, characters and feelings. Each time different, each time better.

Music is energy both for those who produce it and for those who listen to it. Therefore, HaHaHa Production starts the day energetically, from the first sound heard in the studio.

We, the HaHaHa team, make music, not tracks or artists. We make good music, music to be felt and experienced. We believe in the energy of the sound and its enchanting power. We know how to carry sounds far, far away, to the largest audiences. And we are determined to conquer people’s smiles throughout our music. In fact, this is the quintessence of our activity.

We affirm passion, talent, emotion, ideas and dreams and we believe in people.