The work


Hahaha Production relies on the competence of its members in terms of music. Smiley, together with other music producers, has managed to take the studio in the superior eighth, transforming it into one of the most popular brands of record label in Romania.

At the moment, HaHaHa Production covers the entire music production process, from creative ideas to recording, mixing, postproduction and mastering. We are aware that good music reaches no time, yet our efficiency has a perfect timing.

The team’s experience in different musical genres broadens HaHaHa Production’s field of activity. Unlike other record labels, our studio can make music for artists with various music genres, from pop, dance, electro and house to R ‘n’ B and hip-hop.

If you wish to listen to some of the stories written on stave by the team of HaHaHa Production, visit our official YouTube channel.

Once written and polished by HaHaHa Production, the stories make their way to the HaHaHa Management team. Our management department positions artists on the music market and develops image and promotion strategies, according to the genius of each artist.

HaHaHa Management starts the day with a brainstorming moment, yet not anyway, but with music piercing in from the production department. Our management division is a double sharp honour stave, adding value to everything we do. The management team comes up with the best ideas for our artists, develops plans and campaigns from start to finish line and is also in charge of concerts and events.

Our management team gives the best tone in terms of:

Artist Management

PR & Digital PR

Online development



Legal and financial assistance

The management team keeps the beat with the one from the Production area. If you are curious and willing to acknowledge the creativity of our managers, Who is Radio Killer?Leaving to Mars, The Largest Flash Mob in Romania, Romania este, Romania este vocea ta, Cai verzi pe pereți and Un loc în fatză are some of the stories they told.