Jean Gavril is a Romanian born artist, whose songs are successfully conquering the hearts of non-conformist rock music listeners. Feeling, rawness and ultimate freedom of spirit spark through his music, which awakes a reminiscence of Woodstock, with a subtle pinch of pop and 60’s funk.

Mastering guitar skills from a young age and performing at local hometown gigs since high school lead Jean to becoming an officially signed artist at Roton Music and HaHaHa Production. His first releases “Totul sau nimic”, “Tocuri” and “Fată, bea cu mine” have soon built a solid Romanian fan base, while “Oh, Ramona” became the official soundtrack of the movie with the same title, mapping Jean Gavril on the international music scene.

Being an emerging artist, Jean’s music can hardly be pinned within the borders of a specific music genre, which always makes his chameleonic spirit shine though. For Jean it is never about chasing trends, it is about experiencing life at its fullest, right as it comes: “As an artist, I know I’ve got quite a few things to do and say. Being true to my music, my feelings and my experiences is what I aim for. As a human, I know I am just as everyone else. So why fear and hide behind something we all crave?”

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