Mark Stam, a Moldavian-born artist, first made his grand debut on Moldavia’s Got Talent in 2013. Following his success in the show’s semifinals, he gained international recognition and acclaim.

In 2018, Mark Stam ventured into Romania, where his single “Impar” quickly gained immense popularity, reaching the #1 spot on the country’s national Airplay 100 ranking. Since then, he has established himself as a well-rounded artist, with a background in dancing.

Currently, Mark Stam is, as he says, “the best artistic version of himself”, excelling as a singer, dancer, composer, and actor.
His friendly demeanor and charismatic personality enable him to connect effortlessly with a diverse audience. Furthermore, his innate sensitivity empowers him to craft heartwarming songs and hit tracks, in an unique urban pop style, that resonate with listeners.


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