Romanian born and raised, Paul Damixie is a producer and a DJ with a visionary taste for remixes that has brought him into the spotlight of listeners and radio stations alike. Paul provides a steady flow of solo releases featuring both unique releases and masterful remixes that blend together different styles with his own personal touch of magic.

Previously part of one of the most successful DJ projects in Romania, Radio Killer, Paul managed to creatively conquer both the Romanian and international music industries with the project’s well-known smashing singles “Voila,” “Be Free,” and “Lonely Heart.”

Since focusing more on solo projects, Paul Damixie has managed to transform Adele’s hit “Hello” into a soulful House anthem that was appreciated worldwide with nearly a million Shazams and countless plays on Soundcloud and YouTube.

For the great success of his “Hello” remix in the United States, Paul was awarded the iHeart Radio 2016 Remix Award (Remix of the Year) in Miami, during the “2016 Remix Awards” event. He was given the prize by Steve Angello, former member of Swedish House Mafia and one of the most important DJs in the world.

Since 2016, Paul Damixie released several successful songs, including “Time,” a track which features a  popular Romanian artist Feli, and the hit release “Get Lost,” which has been in heavy rotation on several Romanian radio stations and became one of the Top 10 most played tracks. It also received great support across the globe, with nearly a million Shazams and an appearance on the most viral charts for Spotify users in the United States. 

In2018, he released the summer dance hit “Spanish,” along with a music video, and the upbeat party anthem “Rum & Coke,” which is available on streaming services worldwide.

Among Paul Damixie’s most well-known songs, we can talk about: “Rum&Coke”, “Spanish”, “Lost in space” (feat. Liv Royale), “Lonely” (feat. ZADI), Empty Room (feat. IOVA), “Bandit” (feat. Alexandra Stan).

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