Seredinschi is passionate about engineering and music at the same time. Music is a passion that was passed on from his father and he had the courage and the chance to take it to the next level. He started singing as a child, curious to see if he could sing as well as the artists he listened to at the time. Over the years, music has become a way of expressing his inner feelings and helped him through difficult moments.

He took part in season 6 of The Voice of Romania, on Smiley’s team, and reached the stage of live performances. In 2019, he received a role in the musical – Mamma Mia- and he was distributed in the TV Series – Profu’, broadcast by PRO TV.   

Seredinschi`s musical style is influenced by artists he appreciates and is inspired by, such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd, with whom he would love to collaborate one day. He likes to compose and produce both for himself and for other artists. Although most of his songs are pop, he believes that an artist should not be limited by a musical style, because essentially everything is a game. We need to think freely and creatively.

His first single –“Piesa mea de dor” was followed by other tracks that became popular: “Dor sa te”, “Totul sau nimic” (feat. IOVA) and “Deriva” (feat. Shift).

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